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Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services have become essential to many of us for personal and business use. Individuals and businesses are moving their files to the cloud every day. But what is in store for the forthcoming future of cloud computing? Everything changes and advances over time. These growing shifts will affect some of the more famous cloud storage computing services.

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to cloud computing: encryption, virtualization, sync, security, data storage, project management capabilities, organizational and many more.

The Files and Folders

As data moves completely to the cloud, we could see the end of files and folders in local server. Data can now be virtualized and managed from cloud network.

All cloud storage services will ultimately reach a level of inundation as all services will be lightning safe, secure and fast.  Cloud storage services is not uncommon to organization to keep massive amounts data. We start seeing cloud services providers compete with each other in order to offer the best possible solution to meet customers’ requirement. One such possible tactic is by reducing the price lower than other competitors. However we really don’t see that working as the market will finally mature and giving storage for free is not an efficient way.

Provision of Service Compatibility

Some have claimed that cloud providers are more compatible with each other but not a reality, they are less compatible in actual. The reason being each online storage service are trying to push something creative and unique, a feature that no other storage services provide. Because of this, it may be difficult for one service to duplicate another provider’s service. This makes movement and migration between the several services providers much more complicated.

Cloud Storage Services by GoldForest Network offer the benefits of great ease of access and consistency, quick deployment, reliability and strong protection for storage backup of data but with so many accessible cloud storage. It’s hard for you to decide which to use. These are some of the available cloud storage.

Google Drive is one of the prosperous storage among various online service. It offers its users a 15 Giga bytes of space which is free to use when you sign a Google account or link to an existing account. In fact, you already contain a Drive account if you use Google Calendar, Gmail or even YouTube.

Dropbox is another widespread online storage service for Windows, IOS, Macs and android standard .it also gives an official windows phone application too.

Box Sync is widely available storage service for any platform. It is mainly a business service, but Box also provides personal storage. It gives you 10GB of free space which is expandable via monthly plans.

There are several other popular and extensive available online storage available including One Drive, P-cloud, Copy, Mega and many more.

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