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Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network is meant to resolve web loading issue with heavy text, videos and images. A informative website requires explosive content and attention seeking media files as baits to retain repeating visitors.

The downside of this activity is that people end up putting too much content on their website. This slows down the response time and your visitors end up leaving your website and switch to another one. This also causes the web pages to load by consuming a lot of time. If you don’t want this to happen, you must place content over multiple servers that are located at different locations. This is going to make your web pages load faster.

Studies show that 80 to 90% of the response time at the user’s end involve downloading the content from the images and scripts to flash and style sheets. This can be done best by distributing static content. This can happen only by the use of content delivery network (CDN). It involves a number of web servers which are situated on different locations that are considered efficient in delivering the content to the web users. The server which is the nearest to your user is chosen for achieving a quick response time. It is going to be a better option instead of accessing one central server that is already flooded with a number of users. This can make your web page uploading extremely slowly.

So what is the purpose of the content delivery network? It is meant for accommodating various types of content. It includes documents, media files, software, web objects, applications routes and the database queries. It is responsible for delivering the content according to the request of the user.

If you are a large company, then content delivery network is meant for you. It lets you store data in large volume at the server. It is indeed a cost effective way of storing your important files and making them secure. There are such organizations too that like to use their own CDN. If you are a start up, you are going to find this a costly option. However, the reality is that it is the type of service that is going to be beneficial for you as you will be expanding your target market and reach global audience.

If you take the bandwidth usage in consideration, content delivery network is affordable and a reasonable investment. This option lets you maximize the bandwidth by delivering the content to your end users. If you are a running an eCommerce website, you are going to find CDN cost effective for making sure that your web activities are completed in the most successful way. If you don’t incorporate it in your website, you will be losing customers. Slow processing of transactions is never liked by customers. A great thing is that with CDN, you can evenly distribute heavy traffic load on our distributed servers at different locations.

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