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Fire Resistant cable

History of development of fire resistant cable

It was the year of the 1960s that the cable was developed for the first time and wound into a small magnet. Then these wires were brought commercially for the purpose of practical use in different tasks.

But these cables were not safe as the people were facing different accidental events of burning and toxic fumes. By the harmful gasses of these cables, people were suffering from untreatable diseases. This caused the technicians to ponder over this and bring a safe item for the day to day purposes. This led to the manufacture of fire resistant cable

What is fire resistant cable?

It is a type of cable which can work in the presence of fire for a long time under specific conditions. Network planners may consider using fire resistant cable in their network infrastructure design.

In the present era, the greatest contributions are made to bring the environment closer towards the safety. One of these achievements is done by inventing fire resistant cables. By keeping in mind all the disasters of casual cables like toxic fumes, fire ,harmful accidents and smokes, the greatest contribution was made towards the use of these non-halogenated wires which have different features like,

Fire resistance, low cost, long term duration, great safety, no halogen gasses, non-corrosive action and above all having good moisture

Benefits of using fire resistant cables:

It has many benefits like It does not produce flames, electrical insulation is one of its benefits, it is easily applicable in any of the environment, smoke produced by it is not harmful to the individuals and also for electrical equipment, by the property of its flexibility, it can be easily cut and folded that’s why it provides less friction coefficient and etc.

As the whole world is getting towards the door of more modern thing, the population is increasing day by day and the use of electrical equipment’s has also increased in the same ratio, this has also increased the need to use the cables. As it is known that use of cables is directly proportional to the risk of fire accidents and the disastrous events are also occurring so there is a great need of using these fire resistant cables which are far away from these unwanted happenings.

In the light of above-mentioned descriptions, it is clearly proven that the fire resistant cables are easier to use with great safety and less risks of accidents. As the cities are getting furnished with new buildings and plazas each day, and as the demands of electricity has also increased, the use of these fire resistant cables has added much more in bringing the society to use electricity with satisfactory results of having less number of accidents therefore we all need to install such types of wire and cables which are free from all threats, dangers, and disasters. By doing so, we can not only protect ourselves but also can save the infrastructure of the society.

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