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Huawei MSAN

Huawei Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN); Pioneer &Gateway To Next Generation Network (NGN)

A multi-service access node Huawei MSAN, also known as a multi-service access gateway (MSAG), is a device typically installed in a Telephone Exchange.which connects customers’ telephone lines to the core network to provide broadband etc. such as DSL from a single source .Before the deployment of MSANs, telecom providers typically had multiple isolated types of equipment to provide various types of services to users. Mingling all services on a single node, which typically backhauls all data streams over IP or Asynchronous Transfer Mode,

Enjoys leader role in the access industry worldwide & its broadband access network facilitates one-third of world broadband population. Huawei MSAN is one of the three access products & is recognized as traditional fixed access now the fixed network has entered an ultra-broadband age with multidisciplinary services. Broadband is boosting worldwide. It can facilitate operators in the ultra-broadband age through simplified networking, fast deployment and increase network profitability

UA5000 Multi-Service Access: Keeping in view the increasing requirements of telecommunication services industry including video, data, voice and multimedia services, availability of large-capacity access networks with high-speed & good quality integrated services is the dire need of the industry. Fulfills all these demands as its multi-service access product participates traditional voice, VoIP, private line, PBX, video and multimedia services for users. It provides GE, FE, E1, GPON, and EPON network ports for transmitting services upstream. It can be used in situations such as united access, broadband access, and enterprise access.

Characteristics: It is applicable to PSTN, NGN and IMS networks and can also be used in gigabit and Ethernet passive optical networks. It provides all service ports needed for a traditional network due to which all traditional services are retained while shifting from a TDM network to an IP network and consumers do not need to change terminals. This ensures that all traditional private services on PSTN, NGN, IMS and FTTx networks are retained without affecting services during network changing. Moreover, it acquires a maximum transmission rate of 100Mbit/s to the desktop. It supports TDMoETH so that traditional TDM private line services can be transmitted over the Ethernet. The UA5000 4-in-1 MSAN platform supports multiple network services with easy migration to network advancements for determined flexibility and customer value .It is compatible with all TDM/NGN/IMS hardware & only a software up gradation and configuration updates are needed .

Usages & Benefits: Remained pioneer & leader in the world market for its multi-service access node (MSAN) solution for eight continuous years. It’s efficient networking and terminal connection performance ensures system maturity and service stability resulting in network deployment efficiency. Due to retention of all traditional TDM services and powerful service role, it is the best choice for PSTN network reconstruction. It enables smooth network evolution and broadband services help customers to boost their income sources .It enhances network reliability and reduce operation and maintenance costs. It meets enterprise user need for high-speed service access. It provides MVLAN and IPTV services which have become new sources of income generation for operators. It is the first multi-service access tool in the globe to fulfill the European Union’s CoC energy-saving standards. It consumes 10% less power than the similar boards. It enabled Power savings of 60 million USD over 3 years for Turk Telekom.

With all-IP networking, the structure is more open; the networking topology is simpler; the bandwidth custom is extra efficient; the cost is lesser and the development competency is more flexible. Existing PSTN networks can’t deliver convergent services for Internet, television and voice. Then an all-IP network can deal all these services effectively. Up to 1,024 multicast channels with wild channel showing and channel switching. IGMP V3, MVLAN protocols offer multicast gaming, video streaming and other in-demand content for ISP subscribers. It supports 32 multicast users each port. The improved INP technology transports a clearer video experience to subscribers.

In the nutshell, it can be concluded that Huawei MSAN can be deployed to meet the challenge of providing access gateway to NGN core, the 21th-century network. Likewise, a small-scale GPON deployment can also applies to private properties such as resorts, villages, residential or office buildings that require heavy data delivery.

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