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Outdoor Wireless Antennas

The right selection of outdoor wireless antennas is the key for high standard wireless communication to experience a good quality of voice and maximum coverage. Antenna provides “the Coverage Layer” of the communication network at the base station. Networks performance, services reliability, and customer satisfaction directly depend on the Antenna used for establishing communication.

Antenna selection becomes a challenging part for an RF Engineers when designing cell sites for a wireless network. GoldForest Network provides plan and guidance in network infrastructure deployment.  We deal in outdoor wireless antennas having a broad collection, based on current technology and future technology. For example on emergent technology- fluorescent tube Antennas. This technology utilizes an ionized gas in a common fluorescent light tube as an antenna for a Wi-Fi network router. This antenna connects to the router through a tuned wire coil in a sleeve slipped over one end. These antennas provide best services in particularly where dead Spot exist in the buildings or landscape. These dead Spot can exist in areas where solid walls or appliances limit a router’s signal. The signals become so weak that a portable Wi-Fi device, such as a smartphone or tablet cannot connect reliably. Here we present some guidelines for the selection of an antenna. These guidelines will be helpful for our clients in the cell site design process.

  • Coverage frequency bands for the cell site and the number of radio or antenna connections per band play a critical role in selection. Communication Scope PIM Band and Block calculators can be used to evaluate potential passive intermodulation (PIM) scenarios to determine restrictions on cross band combining.
  • Evaluate contender antennas set in the chosen RF planning tool to validate that it met the required performance. A precise sculpting of the RF is required for LTE coverage area in order to maximize network performance. Always consider design standardization across the network. It helps to drive higher construction quality through repetitive installation and minimize the number of configurations.
  • Multi-band/multi-port antenna architectures may be used to support at least one high band and one low band per antenna. This technique can minimize the number of antennas required. It also provides adaptability and versatility future spectrum growth.
  • In the selection criteria, priority will be given to antennas that have remote electrical tilt (RET). RET support optimization and maximum flexibility.
  • In order to ensure PIM stability and minimize out-of-box failures, select the antenna that has been tested dynamically for PIM in the factory.

The above guidelines pay a lot in the design of cell site for high-quality wireless networks. It also reduced time-to-market your services and maximize your return from the services.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about outdoor antennas. We are the specialist of wireless technology in international market.

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