Point To Point Wireless

GoldForest Network is active player in wireless industry for many years. We supply both short range and long-range IP wireless bridge in the market.

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Robust Wireless Performance

Goldforest Network offers both licensed and unlicensed point-to-point wireless bridge.

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Point To Point Wireless

We are the specialist of wireless technology in the international market. Our company manufacturing and supplying a broad range of wireless components to a large numbers of customers worldwide. Being a major supplier in the wireless area, our company always focusing on innovative products to fulfill the user needs and requirements in this demanding IT technology era. Now a days, one of the demand from clients is to transfer data with high bandwidth over a wireless. This is a no more dream. Our company developed a point to point wireless connectivity to achieve high speed bandwidth, based on new FFC regulations for wireless networks. This system also refers Wireless Ethernet bridges. This is a best solution for fast network connectivity between two or more location locations.

Where to use Point to point Wireless?

This new technology – point to point wireless can be used as a redundant wireless or a primary networks for high speed data transfer. Furthermore SCADA devices and IP video cameras etc, can be easily connected in a network using a point to point wireless Ethernet bridges. Wireless backhaul can be used for launching data and voice network connections from communication tower to communication tower, field locations to a network presence, building to building, connecting network fiber segments etc.

Advantages of Point to point Wireless

Establishing a communication via point to point wireless technology, clients can avail the following benefits

  • Point to point wireless Ethernet bridges is mostly easier and economical to install than fiber. Using this way of communication clients can avoid running fiber lines over a miles and thus save a lot of capital to companies and organization.

  • Point to point licensed wireless networks can now compete with fiber based networks both in cost efficiency and speed in Mbps.

  • Licensed Point to point wireless network are more reliable and having high performance. As a private network, it gives more security, privacy and support to end users.

High broadband bandwidth can be easily achieved using a point to point wireless bridge which was a challenge in fiber. Point to point licensed wireless maybe a perfect alternative to fiber or lease lines. Our company can help you to establish and deploy these networks for your organization.  

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ABC Company is a leading developer and provider of Point to point and broadband wireless network technology. We deliver services and solutions in the area of point to point wireless network, point to multipoint wireless bridges, LTE Networks, wireless mobility, wireless repeaters, Smart Grid wireless backhaul. We have also expertise and experience to set up indoor, outdoor wireless mesh products.

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