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Cost-Saving Structured Cabling

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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling – a backbone in Communication

Structured cabling represents the infrastructure of a well designed and installed cabling system in a communication setup. This is a need of today’s and future’s business in IT communication industries to cope the technologies and hardware advancements. With a correctly installed system, cable management becomes an easy and fast task. Tools used for cable management such as identification tags, cable trays, ladder racks and raceways make the structured cabling more versatile, adaptive and visually attractive. This also makes the cabling system efficient and cost effective.

Our qualified team will design a versatile, adaptable, expandable, efficient and cost-effective system to meet your company’s business needs and goals. We are following International codes and standards for installation and certification of cables to ensure consistent and high performance. We can offer our resources for development of your structured cabling infrastructure in the following categories

Cat 3 Cabling

Cat 5 Cabling

Cat 5e Cabling

Cat 6 Cabling

Cat 6e Cabling

Fiber Optics Cabling

Coax Cabling

A structured cabling system offers a platform for overall communication system design strategy. Systematic and optimal design that we offer having the following advantages for our customers.

1) Quick trace of faults and maintenance

Cabling is a complex system. Most of the time, it consists of thousands of cables, sockets, cable distributors and independent subsystems. Such multipart systems are mostly susceptible to faults. Faults traceability can be made on a fingertip in a systematically installed system. This will make quick problems identification and an easier replacement/maintenance of the cables. It is easier to isolate the affected system and fix it. This strategy will allow less likely to down the entire network for maintenance. In turn, it will reduce your cost of spending tracing fault lines and points. It will also maximize the integrity of your structured cabling system, deliver quality on time.

2) Multi-vendor equipment’s Support

Structured cabling is adaptive and they allow you to install equipment’s from a number of mix and match vendors. Network expansion, adding hardware and software from advanced technologies, changing a location of your company are no more bottleneck in your future business goal with structured cabling system. They are always adaptive to changes and ready to go-Simplifies adds-on, moves and changes.

3) Quality communication – Noise reduction

One of the big disadvantages of a mess cabling system is noisy communication. Even with today high quality twisted pair cables, they are affected by some degree of noise from ill-structured cable interference and nearby electronic equipment’s. Noise in the system causes stagnant and poor connections and corrupts data. Corrupts data normally slow down the network because the system tries to resend it repeatedly until it is sent through successfully in the original form. This may affect the ultimate business goals and milestone of the companies. However, using the structured cabling system makes the paths clear and interference free. This will improve the quality of voice. Also, up gradation of the system from low standard cables to High standard cables like Category 5, Category 6 and Category 6A is an easy task. These new cables are far superior in noise resistance as compared to the older Category 3. Advance technology for communication-Fiber optic cabling gives the finest resistance to noise and thus results in a high-quality voice over the networks.

4) Distances are no more matter

If your designed cable system supports higher quality cables such as fiber optic, it can support longer runs without artifacts and errors creeping into the system. Distance and length are no limitations of fiber optic cable runs. During, installation it gives more flexibility in your resources. Also Category 5 or category 6A cables support runs up to 100 meters without noise induction. This reduces the numbers of equipment’s and hubs that you will need to install and it will improve a quality of communication over a long run.

5) Better investment and growth

Structured cabling delivers an outstanding Return on Investment (ROI). This leads to a successful business, from an investment point of view. According to International Engineering Consortium:

  • Construction costs for the cabling of the voice, data, and BMS can be minimized up to 30 percent when assimilating the cabling and delivery procedures.

  • Moves, alterations, readjustments, and up gradation can be performed more cost-effectively, with possible savings of 25 to 40 percent for material and employment when using an open office cabling methodology.

  • Less maintenance infers low cost and a longer run of the system. It results in rapid growth of the business.

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