Wireless Directional Antenna

Wireless directional antenna is suitable for point-to-point wireless deployment.

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Point-To-Point Wireless Deployment

Deploy the right antenna with acceptable RF link budget calculation with clear Line-Of-Sight (LOS).

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Wireless Directional Antenna

Choosing an appropriate antenna for a site can be an extremely precarious business especially if you don’t know the technicalities and operational terms that are being used in the market while handling the electronic devices. So if you are in a dire need of an antenna then you must be aware of the purposes it can serve, along with all the capabilities, to make the most of its functions.

Before heading towards the decision of what type of antenna suits your location best, you must know that how an antenna works. Most of the people believe that antenna speeds up the signals or recurrence of a device thus in the wake of installing one they expect the higher radio frequency which is absolutely incorrect because an antenna does not work like an impetus and rather functions as a compass. The radio frequency of a transmitter remains the same but becomes more focused after installing the antenna owing to the fact that antenna nudges the previously scattered signals in a particular direction as desired by the user.

So if the direction, in which you need the signals, is specific and the coverage area is limited then the favorable antenna would be wireless directional antenna whilst in the case of a wider coverage zone, an Omni-directional antenna will be significant. In an attempt to make the difference easier for you, the wireless directional antenna works like a torch and will give the light only at the spot you place it whereas an Omni-directional antenna is a bulb that lightens the entire area. Therefore, places like restaurants, libraries, offices, warehouses, homes, and other indoor areas are served with Omni-directional antennas on the grounds that they provide point-to-multipoint access while for point-to-point access like building-to-building or for outdoor coverage between two axial the wireless directional antenna is used.

You can also create a point-to-multipoint access by utilizing both types of antennas if you need to cover a broader area like three or four buildings. In such case a master Omni-directional antenna will be placed at the central and other wireless directional antennas will be attached to other buildings, facing the master antenna. Alignment of all the antennas must be on the same plane level for optimum coverage and strength. The path for radio recurrence must also be clear and there must not be the risk of obstructions otherwise the alignment will get disturbed and the antennas would not be able to catch up. Antennas should properly face each other ideally.

Despite all the information one possess about the antennas, an assistance of an expert is necessary to overcome the technical difficulties. Survey of the site by an experienced person is highly recommended in order to avoid the risk of potential damages in terms of money, time, and other resources.

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