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Wireless Monitoring Camera System

Security is not having things, it is handling things, said Susan Jeffers. So, if you have sufficient money and you do not invest in securing your life and properties then it may seem strange. Insecurity is on the rise— it is time to tackle the situation and mitigate the risk. Watching homes and streets 24/7 is impossible humanly, yet modern technologies like wireless monitoring camera system can help us in surveillance.

A visual deterrent:

It is helpful in a visual deterrent: one would have an idea about whom, when and how the thefts or criminal acts or suspicious activities have occurred. The placement of security cameras provides evidence to the police in an investigation. Then, the public feels safe under the eye of cameras surveillance. However, over usage of this system creates problems for the public such as an invasion of privacy.

Importance of surveillance:

The significance of a monitoring system cannot be neglected amidst growing security dangers. It can be useful in the following areas.

A. Peace and security

With security cameras, police can tackle crimes and terrorist activities; and the safety of sensitive buildings can also be ensured.

B. Public Security

In the case of any untoward incident, police and ambulance services may easily reach the spot. Besides, cheating and mismanagement will be monitored in the educational institutions.

C. Traffic control

Unlike the traditional security method, traffic officers have the option to control the traffic and check parking areas for theft.

D. Entertainment and commercial areas

Along with securing retail shops and manufacturing, stadiums and amusement parks will also be observed.

E. Home security

The adage “It is so good to be home” can only be better served if it is safe. By installing alarm systems, your home will not be vulnerable to any danger: an intrusion and children safety.

Why go for an alarm system?

Wireless alarm systems have multiple advantages. First, it does not create any mess like making holes for wiring. Second, it has quick installations, requiring only 4 hours in the process. Third, a sensor can transmit radio signals hundreds of feet which can not be intercepted via jammer. Fourth, it does not need any experience for its operation and identification of issues. Fifth, it is connected by the cellular network, during the power cut, the alarm immediately gets activated to start monitoring. Lastly, one can control home via smartphone checking the status of lightings, door locks and temperature controls.

Do you wish to monitor you home 24/7?

It is luring to monitor home 24/7 through the eye of cameras. A wireless camera can give us a sense of security if we install it into our homes. We can have a look at the children’s activities. Besides, it reduces the chances of burglary and crime.

Categories of monitoring cameras:

You have various options to buy cameras for securing your home, office, locality and streets. They can be chosen as per the demand of the customer.

  • Indoor camera: It is used inside homes, schools, offices and restaurants.

  • Outdoor camera: Normally, it is being installed at exit and entry points

  • IR day and night camera: High sensitive areas such as military and nuclear sites require these cameras for safety.

  • Dome camera: Visitors cannot notice dome camera as it is placed in dark places.

  • Bullet camera: Although small in size, still it has the precision to catch minuscule details in residential and commercial areas.

  • Hidden—departmental stores and clubs

Latest models of security cameras:

Some of these latest models of camera security system may provide peace and tranquillity. It includes Front point, Protect America, and Live Watch. Although the initial cost of these monitoring systems is high, yet it is a lifelong investment for the protection of our assets: our lives and properties. After the installation of the security cameras, it then transmits a video, audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio wave. It is powered by a battery.


Multiple features of high-quality wireless cameras. One, it keeps your house safe when you are out. Two, it protects from carbon monoxide poisoning, floods, fires, and break-ins. It will instantly inform you wherever you are, only if your cell phone is functional. Then, a camera records quality images, a wide view of the area along with a ‘zoom’ option—adjustable for panning and tilting and automatic brightness capability. Next, the prestigious monitoring companies support the operation of the camera; advising on equipment issues and suitable sensors for detection of abnormal objects or movement. The security devices have also inbuilt mechanism and operation facilities that facilitate the user in surveillance. It comprises of wireless cameras, heat sensors, sirens, glass-break sensors and motion sensors.


The monitoring system only requires five integrated kits:

1) Camera

2) Encoder

3) Networked Video Recorder

4) Control Center

5) Network, through which signals can be transmitted for surveillance.


It can simply be done by installing a closed circuit television camera (a form of CCTV Kit). Since the cameras are wireless so there is no need for other hardware and accessories. They are being operated by the battery; so, in the case of emergency or power cut, the surveillance system will begin functioning automatically. Wireless video cameras monitor every detail of the area. They are installed on the poll near the sidewalk, dark areas and at high altitude for secrecy. The monitoring system can be integrated with a cell phone so as to access to the real-time video. Then, it is connected with emergency help phones and fire alarms.

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